Ask a Philosopher by Geoffrey Klempner 2011-2021

Ruth asked:

When is your book coming out?

Answer by Geoffrey Klempner

It’s here!

Here are 244 answers by Dr Klempner to questions submitted online to askaphilosopher org from 2011–2021. The ‘Ask a Philosopher’ service was launched in 1999 originally on the University of Sheffield web site and has been running continuously from that date.

This book covers everything that a person approaching the study of philosophy for the first time might want to ask, as well as frequent college essay topics. The questions range from the urgently practical to the metaphysical – to the absurd. In Klempner’s view, ‘There is no such thing as a foolish question. But be prepared to consider the possibility that you may be wrong!’

Klempner has written articles on metaphysics, ethics, practical philosophy, business ethics, science fiction and the philosophy of photography. While a graduate student at Oxford University, he supplemented his grant as a singer and guitarist at a popular bar and retains a keen interest in contemporary music. His wide range of interests illustrates his motto on the philosophos org web site, ‘Philosophy is for everyone, not just philosophers. Philosophers should know lots of things besides philosophy.’

Born in London in 1951, Klempner attended University College School. Hampstead, London. After graduating with First Class Honours in Philosophy from Birkbeck College London he went on to University College Oxford, gaining his D.Phil in 1982. In 1995 he founded the online distance learning program, Pathways to Philosophy, which has attracted students from over 90 countries.

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