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Perils of a Dilettante
Is THAT all there is?
Embracing the Question: the Philosophizer Trilogy
Living in the Dark
I Am The Walrus and Philosophy
What is a Philosophizer?
Philosophy and Science Fiction
The Ultimate Question
The ideology of materialism
Descartes and the soul
Why am I here? (Revisited)

Philosophizer’s Bible
Fool’s hope
Starship made of words
Vengeful ghosts
Rubber bands
Punch bag
Stretch that skull skin
On ‘writing’
Against God (and gods)
Ring of power
The world and I
Things fall down
Size of the universe
18 Seeing my nose
Locked corridor
Things look funny
Tudor Square
The reckoning
Words have no meaning
Existential Philosophy 10 Butter in the pan
What is ‘what is’?
The swimmer
Magic spells
It’s all about the wonder
Philosophy for apes
Two tribes
Fairground ride
A new leaf

Metaphysics, life and death
Philosophizer: between Pirsig and Gulliver
Philosophizer know thyself
Metaphysics and contingency
The deep mystery of things
Philosophers and sophists
Return of the evil demon
The elephant in the room
Beginning with nothing
The problem of starting point
Philosophical pathways
The world, I and now
Metaphysics of personal identity
Is ultimate reality knowable?
Time travel and the possible world machine
Suffering, possible worlds and the multiverse
Satanism, solipsism, nihilism
Searching for a reason
Metaphysics and ultimate reality
What is truth?
Reality of the past
Reality: the locked corridor
What is death?
Why am I here?