The formula of soul

Suman asked:

In our nature each and every thing has a formula.In our artificial world each and every thing has an relationship with nature it may be a energy. Means water has a formula H20 by which formula we can prepared water. For ‘FAN’ we need iron copper and some energy to run it. So do you have some idea about what is the energy to make a soul or a life ? What is the energy required for a soul?

Ex-electricity — moving of electrons called electricity or electric energy.

So what is the formula of a soul?

In my conclusion I want to say that my thought is if we can get the formula of a soul or life then we can alive a dead body and human will never die.

Answer by Jürgen Lawrenz

With your conclusion you are jumping much too fast, while the issue preceding it has not even been discussed! So — slow down and let’s look at a few things together which are all “forms of energy” and can be expressed in a formula.

Let’s agree therefore that all things are made of atoms. As it doesn’t matter much whether they are gaseous, liquid or solid, we will ask: What is their formula? Answer: An abridged account of their atomic constitution in a molecule. So water results from 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom sticking together, written as H2O. Likewise SiO4, which is a molecule of 1 silicon and 4 oxygen atoms and denotes quartz. These abbreviations are common practice and can be looked up in any dictionary of chemical symbols.

But the dictionary would also inform you about the energy (inert, volatile etc.) of the molecule. How do we know all this? We have instruments to measure them — plain and simple. All things that exist can be measured this way.

But now look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “where and what is my soul?”

You think it’s energy? But this does not sit well with the idea of all existing things being made of atoms! Souls are not atomic, otherwise we could weigh or measure something and identify the species of energy.

You will realise now that this is exactly the problem of religion with science. None of our instruments respond to the motions of the soul. They remain invisible, inaudible, untouchable — as if nothing is there.

Just be sure not to confuse the motions of the brain with the motions of the soul. In fact, this is a good example for the difference. Whatever the brain generates in terms of energy can be made visible on oscilloscopes, even if we don’t know what kinds of thoughts the person has. But no energy has ever been discerned that we could associate with a soul.

So here you have the answer to why there is no formula for a soul. As it eludes our most powerful measuring devices, we have only two choices. Either that it is immaterial or else that there is no such thing as a soul. But this is ultimately your choice, as no-one, scientist or philosopher, can genuinely help you to come to a decision on this dilemma.

2 thoughts on “The formula of soul

  1. You are not focused, my friend. Atoms can be weighed, end of story. I did not say souls are gifts from God; I said it is your decision, not mine, to make such an assumption. Your comparison with longitudes and latitudes is incorrect – they are not imaginary lines, but tools serving for orientation on maps, the same as in other situations we have radar, lighthouses, traffic signals and so on. It would help if you didn’t bundle inappropriate comparatives like this!

  2. Sir how you know that soul is non atomic. It may be atomic.
    May be soul has some weight.
    Ok sir I agreed with your answer but from where that non atomic energy comes.
    I expect your answer that soul is God gifted but really god exist.
    Have any body seen God or it is our imagination.

    Ex-we know that there is latitude and longitude lines but there is no lines it is our imagination like that God may be our imagination or that soul energy is non atomic it may be wrong.

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