Is hot or cold real or…?

Lucy asked:

I once read somewhere that there is not such thing as hot, cold, hard and soft. If I am right which probably not. How do people get burnt in fires or get hurt if something hard hits them?

Answer by Jürgen Lawrenz

You answered the question yourself, Lucy. It shows you have some common sense, whereas people who say or write such things talk nonsense. Maybe they just want to startle you by suppressing the context from which these claims arise — which is the molecular and physics context, not the human or animal context.

In those branches, all such impressions are forms of energy. But molecules and atoms don’t feel anything. So the next time you next break out in a sweat, don’t refer to the interaction of electromagnetic energy streams with your glands, but just say “it’s hot” as your body reacts approproriately too. These are blunt facts; and it makes no difference that some oracular fellow pretends your words don’t meet an “ulterior reality”. We don’t live in an “ulterior reality”.

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