How does philosophy progress?

Christopher asked:

How is it that philosophy progresses, in regards to arriving at the truth? In science, for example, they experiment, then duplicate it, until eventually the theory is falsified with a new one taking its place, upon which they repeat the method. In philosophy it seems to me that what makes one philosophy or philosopher better than a contrasting one is the amount of followers it/he/she receives. If everyone believed Rorty then his philosophy would be considered to be true. I understand that people can find problems or exceptions to the rule in other peoples philosophy or find them to be logically invalid, etc… But, at least from my perspective, most modern philosophy seems to be logically equal with everyone else’s. I find myself basing my beliefs philosophically on a feeling or intuition or something that just happens to make sense to me personally. Everything is just opinion, but I don’t want to willfully suspend belief, I want to know. How do you determine who is great and who is not?

Answer by Shaun Williamson

By hard work and not giving up. Philosophy is a quest for the truth and philosophy is very very difficult.

The only thing that can make one philosophy better than another is, is it true. If you base your philosophical beliefs on fashion, feeling or intuition then you are no longer a philosopher. You are just a philosophical tourist!

There is nothing wrong with being a tourist but tourists never find out the truth about the places they visit and they have to content themselves with the conventional myths and fantasies.


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