What kind of animal is homo sapiens?

Lisa asked:

Is homo sapiens simply another species of animal?

Answer by Stuart Burns

The simple answer is ‘Yes!’

But I have to wonder if the impetus behind your question is the thought that Homo sapiens is not simply another species of animal. And the only reason I can think of that might ground that thought, is the religious notion that Man (also known as Homo sapiens) is a special creation of God.

Unfortunately for the religious believers out there (and I don’t know whether that includes you), the Vast majority of scientists (especially those working in the fields of medicine, biology, anthropology, psychology, and sociology) agree that the evidence accumulated to date overwhelmingly supports the hypothesis that Homo sapiens is just another evolved species of animal. To believe otherwise lumps you in with either the increasingly Vanishing proportion of educated persons who believe in Divine Creation or Intelligent Design, or the great bulk of the uneducated masses. (Note: to be uneducated is not to be stupid.)


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