Short answer to a question about evil

Sophie asked:

To what extent can evil be said to be simply a test?

Answer by Helier Robinson

None. Who is supposed to be doing the testing? The only answer is God, and God being omniscient does not need to test anything or anyone.


2 thoughts on “Short answer to a question about evil

  1. You are not being tested by anybody — certainly not by God Who has to
    take care of n number of universes.You are bound to receive reactions to
    your actions in terms law of action and reaction.

  2. Life is a test. A test of faith. We believe in God without seeing God directly. The Bible says we wrestle not with flesh and blood but powers and principalities, rulers in high places. The true battle is a spiritual battle. As Christians we have power through God over all other spirits. The have the power by faith to overcome that comes against us. Fight the good fight of faith. Those who do not know a battle is taking place cannot win it. Evil is a challenge to our faith. But we have the power by faith to overcome evil.

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