Difference between reality and illusion

Chap X asked:

What is difference between reality and illusion?

Answer by Helier Robinson

Illusions are either contradictions between the senses, as in the half-immersed stick which is bent to the sight and straight to the touch, or between what is perceived and well established belief, as in the railway lines seeming to meet in the distance. A contradiction cannot be true, so illusions must be false perceptions and so unreal.

Reality has a number of definitions: it is all that we perceive around us which is not illusory; it is all that exists regardless of whether it is perceived or not; it is what makes statements true or false; and it is the genuine, as in real leather, real flowers, etc. These definitions are not necessarily equivalent, and careless use of them can lead to confusion through equivocation: for example, an argument I once heard was that illusions are real (genuine) illusions and therefore part of reality and so should not be distinguished from reality.

A further difficulty is that empirical objects are made up of sensations (colours, tactile sensations, etc.) and these exist only as long as they are perceived, so do not exist independently of being perceived, so are unreal. Philosophers have argued about such difficulties with perception throughout history. The almost universal view these days is that philosophy should conform to common sense, but this is a view that I deplore: philosophy exists just because of the inability of common sense to solve various problems.


One thought on “Difference between reality and illusion

  1. Atom and Even

    What is perceived as real is illusion because Humanity’s choices could
    have been greater had man not be a follower of womb-man, like Adam
    did when he sinned/copied/followed/ listened/obeyed, what has come to
    be after him. The leader became a follower and so humanity lives by its
    its tail rather than tail rather than its head. All original sin (error/illusion)
    really is is not being original. This illusion called ‘life’ could have been
    reality but men chose to be followers of women instead of leaders of what
    women really need and want, men to lead The Way of Truth, rather than to
    follow the illusion of beauty. Then it’s world would not be following its ass/
    tail, living backwards in Truth, thinking that it’s headed towards a much greater reality in the future. Truth is eternal, but beauty is an illusion because it fades in beautiful women’s lives. However, Truth reveals that no illusion is necessary for Reality to be interesting, not boring. For example, make-up on any woman’s face is an illusion compared to how she really feel about herself. If she felt great about herself she would look great, and not an
    illusion of ‘the other Way’ around. What G=D really wants is Atom and Even.

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