Question about the ‘one mind’ theory and Aristotle

Chrissy asked:

Do you know if there is a digital copy somewhere that I can see of Physics by Aristotle… and just curious about your opinion concerning the one mind theory… that we’re all connected, we’re all made of energy and we are all one mind… kinda like a light we all have.

Answer by Shaun Williamson

Yes you can read it or even download a text copy at:

I can’t make any sense of the one mind theory. The mind isn’t a physical thing or even a ghostly thing. ‘Mind’ is an abstract concept in our language, don’t be tempted to turn it into a ghostly substance. Minds aren’t like footballs. There isn’t one mind nor are there many minds. We are not made of energy and we are not all connected except maybe by telephone. Lights are candles or powered by electricity. Any other sort of light is metaphorical.

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