Why do women exist?

Nalvaravu asked:

What is the reason for the existence of women on this earth?

Are they just ‘child bearing machines’ and ape what men do? where do they have edge over men?

Answer by Eric George

What is the reason for anything existing? This is one of the most fundamental questions that forms the basis of Philosophical inquiry. Cosmologically, what is Humanities role within this vast Universe – this has much to do with how one would view the origins of our entire species and whether or not subjective to this premise, one could attach anything beyond speciesism. The reason for anything existing to begin with is largely dependent upon the conditions of that thing coming into existence, humanity needs women for the preservation and continuation of our survival.

This does not mean that men are somehow inferior to women, men and women alike need each other in order for our species to survive in a general sense. However, in many primitive societies around the world (take for example many tribal communities within Papua New Guinea), feminine worship and prioritisation takes preeminence exactly for this reason; that they are viewed as an essential biological mechanism within the context of the tribes future existence. Therefore, taking care of them is of the utmost importance i.e. – preserving the existence of the women within the tribe, is actually preserving the existence of the tribe itself.

So to say that women have an edge over men merely because they birth children, would be to say that ones biological capabilities determines ones innate worth – a premise which would not take a liking to I am sure, especially since much of the worlds history has been determined by the decisions of men. On the flip side, if you were to apply the view practically, that women are merely child bearing machines and nothing more, then this again is something which collapses upon itself because it in essence overlooks the implications of the personality, traits, qualities and such therein. It would reduce society and culture from an anthropological standpoint, to a mundane existence of self-worth and dignity being subjective to whether or not you are able to reproduce, thus casting those who are not able to (barren womb, infertility etc.) as worthless and to a great extent obsolete.

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