When was the Big Bang?

Martin asked:

If the Big Bang was a reality, where exactly did it happen?

We are led to believe that the Big Bang took place between 10 and 20 billion years ago a humungous explosion at a point in the universe, resulting in the expanding state that we recognise today. For this to be true there must be an ever increasing ‘dead zone’ centered around the point where the Big Bang took place, void of everything as all the exploding arisings race away from the original point so this would mean the universe is hollow and have we found the dead zone?

Answer by Stuart Burns

You are confusing an ‘explosion of space’ with an ‘explosion in space’. In the latter, your expectation of a ‘dead-zone’ at the center is apt. In the former, it is not.

The explosion did not take place ‘at a point in the universe’. The explosion took place at a point which was the universe. Where exactly did this happen? Well, you can consider that it took place at a point between your ears. All of space (the entire universe) expanded uniformly from that singularity point. All of space (the entire universe) is still expanding uniformly from that singularity point. The uniform nature of this expansion means that each and every point in the universe was the center of that explosion, and remains the center of that expansion the point between your ears, the point between my ears, and the center of some far away galaxy. The explosion did not involve ‘exploding arisings’ that are racing away from the center. The explosion involved space itself. Each and every point of space is racing away from every other point.

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