What colour is a blank canvas?

Anais asked:

What colour is a blank canvas?

Answer by Tony Fahey

Anais, the wonderful thing about a blank canvas is that it can be any colour you want it to be. Moreover, what is even better, as history shows, you can project onto this tabula rasa of the mind any ism, philosophical or religious paradigm, definition of a utopian society, idea of God, notion of a metaphysical realm, system of ethics, theory of eternal salvation or damnation, plan for world peace, or world domination, concept of inalienable rights, or any other worldview you care to imagine or invent, and you may even use your rhetorical skills to convince the less fortunate, the naive, the uneducated, the innocent, or the ignorant that the concept of truth you have woven onto this blank canvas is the only truth, and that the path you have charted on this tabula rasa is the only path worth following.

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