What’s the point of philosophy?

Nastik asked:

Suppose someone objected, If philosophy is ongoing process, what’s the point of engaging in it? You’ll never get any certain answers; your search will never end. Such a prospect is thoroughly depressing. How would you respond to this criticism?

Answer by Shaun Williamson

Well I have never thought that philosophy is an ongoing process, if it were I would have no interest in it. For me philosophy has always been about the ruthless pursuit of the truth and I have always been convinced that that this truth is obtainable.

However there are many things we pursue in life that we may never reach. An artist may try to paint the perfect picture, a mathematician may spend his life trying to prove the Riemann hypothesis but may never manage to complete the proof. In the same way a philosopher might spend his life in pursuit of the truth but may never reach it.

Philosophy has always been about the pursuit of rational truth. Anyone who thinks that such truth is unobtainable should give up philosophy.

Saying that philosophy is an ongoing process is the same as saying that philosophical truth does not exist and this implies that philosophy does not exist.

Of course philosophical truth does exist and you can reach if you really want to but it isn’t easy.

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